Learn a New Language with Sketchnotes

Have you always wanted to learn a new language, but have lacked the support to follow through on that desire? I think sketchnotes can help with that.

The Frustrations of Adult Language Learning

The Frustrations of Adult Language Learning - Learn a new language with sketchnotes - Doug Neill - Verbal to visual

Learning a new language as an adult is not easy.

It can be frustrating to try to wrap your head around lots of new vocabulary, new ways of pronouncing words, and new ways of structuring sentences.

How Sketchnotes Can Help

How Sketchnotes Can Help - Learn a new language with sketchnotes - Doug Neill - Verbal to visual

Here’s why I think sketchnotes can help to alleviate those struggles and be a significant boost to your efforts to learn a new language:

When learning a new language, what you’re trying to do is make a connection in your brain between things you see (or are thinking about) and the words for those things.

When sketchnoting, what you’re doing is engaging the parts of your brain that will help you make those deep connections. You’ll be tapping into both the verbal networks and the visual networks of your brain at the same time.

The Resource I’m Building

Lesson and Activities - Learn a new language with sketchnotes - Doug Neill - Verbal to visual

No matter where you currently live on the spectrum of proficiency in the language you’re learning – from complete beginner onward, I want to help you move further faster.

That’s why I’m creating a set of video lessons and activities that show you how to incorporate sketchnoting into the language learning process.

Why I’m So Excited

The Source of My Excitement - Learn a new language with sketchnotes - Doug Neill - Verbal to visual

There are a couple of reasons that I’m so excited about this topic.

The first is that I’m excited to use the tools I’m building to learn new languages myself. In high school and college I studied Spanish, and I spent my entire junior year of college living in Ecuador, and that experience – the experience of living in a foreign country for that long and slowly becoming fluent in the language there – was life changing.

Ever since that year in South America I’ve wanted to learn more languages so that when I travel to the place where that language is spoken, I can fully participate in that culture and understand it at a deeper level.

On top of that interest in travel language learning, I also went to school to become a teacher. I got a master of arts in teaching and became certified to teach middle school and high school math, science, and english as a foreign language. Of the time I spent in high school classrooms before being pulled into the world of sketchnoting, the most fun that I had was in those language learning classrooms, helping students from around the world learn english to more fully participate in school and life here in the states.

So now I’m excited to explore in more depth what the process of learning a new language could look like when you bring the full power of visual note-taking to the table.

What Memories Will You Make?

What Will You Learn? - Learn a new language with sketchnotes - Doug Neill - Verbal to visual

The sky’s the limit on the number of languages you can learn, the number of places you can visit, and the number of people that you’ll get to interact with on those visits because of the fact that you speak the language.

Who knows what memories you’ll come home with because of that.

Save Money on this Course

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Once you order this course you’ll have full lifetime access to all current and future resources contained within this course.

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