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Have you always wanted to learn a new language, but have lacked the support to follow through on that desire? I think sketchnotes can help with that.

Throughout this course I'll help you map out your own language learning plan and provide you with sketchnoting activities to make the most of your language learning efforts.

Illustrated Video Lessons

Here's a full list of lessons that are available within this course.

Unit 1: An Introduction

  • 1.1 Course Overview
  • 1.2 Your Language Learning Goal
  • 1.3 Sketchnoting & Language Learning
  • 1.4 Gather Your Resources

Unit 2: Your Language Learning Plan

  • 2.1 Your Plan: Build It
  • 2.2 Your Plan: Use It
  • 2.3 Your Plan: Refine It

Unit 3: Learning Words (Beginner Language Level)

  • 3.1 Learning Words (Unit Overview)
  • 3.2 Sketch Scenes to Build Vocabulary
  • 3.3 Mind Maps to Connect Words
  • 3.4 Stick Figures to Learn Verbs
  • 3.5 Sketchnoted Vocabulary Flashcards
  • 3.6 Drawing Faces to Learn Emotions

Unit 4: Building Sentences (Intermediate Language Level)

  • 4.1 Building Sentences (Unit Overview)
  • 4.2 Sketchnoting Interesting Quotes
  • 4.3 Storytelling with Scenes
  • 4.4 Mark Up The Margins
  • 4.5 Verb Conjugation Diagrams
  • 4.6 Past, Present, Future

Unit 5: Full Immersion (Advanced Language Level)

  • 5.1 Full Immersion (Unit Overview)
  • 5.2 A Night at the Movies
  • 5.3 Sketchnoting the News
  • 5.4 Start a Gratitude Journal
  • 5.5 Sketchnoting Song Lyrics
  • 5.6 Close Your Eyes & Listen

Lesson 3.2 - Sketch Scenes to Build Vocabulary. Want to see this lesson come to life from scratch? Check out the sample lesson below.

Sample Lesson

Get a feel for the instructional style by checking out this lesson on using sketched scenes as a way to build your vocabulary in your target language.

Simone B.
This course was great for motivating me to study English in a different way. In addition to learning a new language I was able to learn new sketchnoting techniques to use in my studies!

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