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Create Your Own Career

There are no longer any barriers keeping you from creating your own career, other than your own fears.

For many professions, a degree no longer matters. What matters is demonstrating your skill and your dedication to the craft you’ve chosen to pursue.

When you learn in public, you do that. You share your skill development and your works in progress online, even before you think you’re ready.

To overcome the fears that come along with that act of vulnerability, this course will help you develop a strategy for sharing your skill development online as you move toward the work and the life that excites you.

Course Breakdown

Part 1: The Lay Of The Land

The current state of the internet and the opportunities that abound.

1.1 The Lay Of The Land
1.2 Learning In Public: An Overview
1.3 Learning In Private vs Learning In Public
1.4 The Prerequisites For Learning In Public
1.5 Your Comfort, Growth, & Danger Zones
1.6 The State Of The Internet
1.7 Are You In?

Part 2: Learning...

You'll develop a personalized learning plan tailored to your style and goals.

2.1 Learning...
2.2 The Importance Of Milestones
2.3 Core Content & Core Skills
2.4 Gather Your Resources
2.5 The Learning Cycle
2.6 Mindset Matters
2.7 Set Aside Time
2.8 Leverage Your Perfectionism

Part 3: ...In Public

You'll decide where and how to share your learning online and connect with others.

3.1 ...in Public
3.2 Your Overarching Theme
3.3 What Learning In Public Looks Likes
3.4 Creating Your Website
3.5 Your Primary Pages
3.6 Let's Get Social
3.7 Choosing What Platforms To Be On
3.8 The Power Of The Email Newsletter

Part 4: Execute & Iterate

Put your learn-in-public plan into action and improve it as you gain experience.

4.1 Execute & Iterate
4.2 Case Study: Maria Popova of Brain Pickings
4.3 More Case Studies Coming Soon!
4.4 Epilogue

Lesson Format

Each of the 26 lessons within this course are presented in a text + illustration format, which helps to support the key ideas, as shown in the lesson excerpt below:

The existence of multiple platforms with multiple media might seem daunting at first, but what it really means is that you can focus on those that resonate the most with you.

Why learn in public? To deepen your understanding of your work, to create a reviewable archive of it, to connect with others along the way, and to set yourself up for new income-generating opportunities.

In the typical educational experience your work and your skill development is shared only with your teacher and, at times, your classmates.

Arnna G.
Of all of the Verbal to Visual courses, this one had made the most impact on me! I came to this having a good understanding of making visuals, but without any direction. The direction and action came with this course. It truly transformed my thinking and plan of action. I now have a website and a Facebook group, am working on a membership. I am so grateful for the inspiration and action steps. Fab work Doug. I'm not so scared now about learning in public.

2022 Live Events

Join us throughout November and December of 2022 for a live run through of this course! You can complete the on-demand lessons at your own pace and then join us live to ask questions and share how you'll put these ideas into action.

Each of those events will take place on Zoom at 9:00am Pacific Time and the recording will be available the next day.

Bonus Workshops

In addition to all of the course materials described above, you'll also get access to the replays of these live workshops:

Learning in Public in 2021

How will you document your creative and professional journey this year? Join us to build or refine your plan and explore the role that sketchnoting might play.

Sketchnoting & Social Media

In this workshop I'll help you develop a plan for sharing your sketchnotes on social media and building connections with others based on the topics you explore.

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