Course Bundle: The Lifelong Learner

For those who want to learn everything.

Kick things off with our introductory course in which you'll lay the foundation of your sketchnoting skills.

Then explore the unique capabilities of digital note-taking, which can amplify your learning, problem-solving, and storytelling efforts.

Full course details: Digital Sketchnoting

Then explore what it could look like to document your skill development online and share your passion for ideas in a way that will create new opportunities for yourself in the future.

Full course details: Learn In Public

And for those ideas that you really want to highlight - learn how to present them in a visually-engaging, highly-sharable way.

Full course details: How To Make Sketchnote Videos

Then see how you might teach the skill of sketchnoting to others (especially those in an educational environment) and explore how to apply visual note-taking to a variety of subjects.

Full course details: Sketchnoting In The Classroom

By this point you'll probably be ready for a bit of traveling, so why not use visual note-taking to learn a new language so that you can fully participate in the culture of the place that you visit.

With all that you've been learning and making, you'll probably want to start teaching, and this course will outline the steps for doing that in an engaging and effective way.

Finally, start earning some income from your sketchnoting skills by creating a side project that pays.

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This bundle is the real deal - it will keep you learning new skills and making interesting things with those skills for quite some time.

With this eight-course combo you’ll save 30% compared to buying each course individually.

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Note: When the final versions of Digital Sketchnoting & Sketchnoting Side Hustle are released, the price of this bundle will increase to $588.

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