Live Co-Working Sessions on Twitch

Need a daily kick in the pants to make progress on a project that you care about?

So do I.

That’s why I’m going to experiment with live-streamed co-working sessions on a platform called Twitch.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into this idea.

Why Live-Streamed Co-Working Sessions?

Let’s start with why I think daily live-streamed co-working sessions might be a worthwhile thing to try out.

First of all, I already know that it can work. We’ve been doing them within the Verbal to Visual Community webinars for years, and I’ve seen the benefit of doing a bit of chatting, then each going off on our own for 20 minutes of work, then coming back together to share how it went.

I’m also being a bit selfish here. I want to create some structure in my day specifically during the time that I’m most likely NOT to use well – the afternoon slump.

To combat that slump, I’m choosing to connect with others rather than leaning further into my most comfortable state: being alone.

And finally, as a person doing work on the internet, I want to encourage active creation as opposed to passive consumption. There’s already plenty of the latter.

Why Twitch?

I decided to try out this experiment on Twitch mostly because of curiosity. I want to see what it’s like there.

But I’m also cognizant of my need to diversify where I’m building things online. My home base is here, of course, but most of the interaction with readers like you occurs on social media, and since I don’t control those platforms that means they can go away at any time and I won’t have the power to stop it.

What I’m curious about as well is whether or not the timing might be just right for me to plant my flag in the ground on Twitch as the live-streamed co-working guy. I don’t think that exists yet and I’d gladly claim it.

And finally, it doesn’t feel like there’s much pressure on this because if Twitch ends up fading as a platform or I realize it’s not as good a fit for what I’m trying to do with this idea, I can always move it to another platform.

Join me?

So, would you like to join me to get some work done!?

Here’s where you can see my upcoming live-streams. Looking forward to chatting there and hearing what you’re working on.




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