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Make Your Sketchnotes 3-D

Want to make your sketchnotes pop off of the page?

Here’s a simple technique to add some three-dimensionality to your drawings.

The Technique

The technique is deceptively simple:

When drawing objects, look for opportunities to add a curvature line.

Let me show you some examples.

Each of those objects, from the light bulb to the mug, look fine without those curvature lines.

But when those lines are added in, it makes a difference.

The Benefits

There are two reasons that I think it’s beneficial to include curvature lines in your drawn objects.

First, they make the images pop off of the page, and when reviewing a set of notes that have drawings and text together, that poppiness will come in handy.

I also think that the slightest bit of three-dimensionality helps to activate the visual networks in your brain associated with that object.

That’s the primary benefit of including drawings within a set of notes – because it activates parts of your brain that text doesn’t, and I think that this three-dimensionality with simple curvature lines makes that brain activity just a little bit stronger.

Your Turn

I encourage you to try incorporating this simple technique into your own sketchnotes to see if you like it, and to see if it helps you remember or work through the ideas that you’re processing.

Good luck!



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