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Making A Print-On-Demand Sketchnote Yearbook

Now that The Verbal To Visual Classroom is over a year old, it’s time to put together our first yearbook!


There has been a lot of learning and making within our classroom over the past year+, and the purpose of this yearbook is to celebrate that – the progress that we’ve made in our sketchnoting skills and what we’ve been able to learn and make as we’ve put those skills to use.

This yearbook will be the first physical artifact to come from this online learning experience. As valuable as all of the video lessons and webinar workshops have been, I’m excited to have something tangible – a book that we can flip through – that represents what we’ve been doing over the past year within that classroom.

Part 1: Individual Profiles

The first section of the yearbook will include individual profiles. Each community member will get their own page that they will fill with a sketchnote of their interests, their work, their place in the world, and what they’re doing with their sketchnoting skills.

Part 2: Sketchnotes

In the second section each community member will get to share up to three of their favorite sketchnotes from the past year, along with a caption that shares what they like about the sketchnote (in terms of how they used text, layout, imagery, and color) and what they like about the ideas that are captured within it.

Creating A Print-On-Demand Book

This will be my first experience designing a print-on-demand book, and I’m really looking forward to the design process.

It’s looking like we’ll use the service Blurb to do the printing – likely the 8 x 10 tradebook on economy color paper.

I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of what I learn about creating a print-on-demand book, so to follow along be sure to sign up for The Verbal To Visual Newsletter.

Happy sketchnoting,