Mighty Networks: Spaces Update

On December 8th Mighty Networks is rolling out the most significant update to their course and community platform that I’ve seen since I started using it to host my online community for sketchnoters.

It’s a structural shift to a model they’re calling Spaces, which they describe in this announcement event (affiliate link).

This update gives hosts more flexibility around what their community looks like, with building blocks to create whatever “rooms” you want folks to gather in along with the features to include in each room.

In the video above I share my thought process as I sketch out what I think the transition to Spaces will look like for Verbal to Visual.

My hope is that these updates make it easier for community members to navigate the space and participate in the variety of sketchnoting activities that we’ve got going on.

Mighty Networks Spaces Update: Plan for Verbal to Visual.

Here’s how I’m imagining the structure of Verbal to Visual’s Mighty Network after the Spaces update rolls out on December 8th.

This is of course a work in progress!

If you have feedback on this proposed structure let me know with a comment on YouTube or a comment on this post within our network (members only for that one).


I also wanted to let you know about the upcoming live course that we’re running!

In November and December we’ll be focusing on the course Learn in Public, which is all about helping you develop a strategy for sharing your skill development online in order to create new personal and professional opportunities for yourself.

Join us for our upcoming run though of the Learn in Public course![/caption]

<p srcset=If you’d like to participate in those events, come join Verbal to Visual!