Mike Rohde – The Sketchnote Guy On The Growing Community Of Visual Thinkers

In this episode of The Verbal To Visual Podcast author and illustrator Mike Rohde talks about the growing community of sketchnoters and visuals thinkers, the role of social media on the growth of that community, and where things might be headed in the future. We also chat about his upcoming book The Sketchnote Workbook and his growing interest in teaching.

Notes & Links

Check out Mike’s first book, The Sketchnote Handbook.

Dave Gray was an early influence on Mike’s development as a visual thinker. Dave co-authored Gamestorming as well as The Connected Company.

Much of the current work in the field of graphic recording and graphic facilitation can be traced to David Sibbet and The Grove.

Austin Kleon has roots in the vizthink community as well. He’s now teaching artists (and anybody doing creative work) how to steal responsibly, how to show their work, and how to be neither a vampire nor human spam.

Sunni Brown is the author of the recently-published The Doodle Revolution. She also co-authored Gamestorming, and gave a pretty awesome TED Talk.

Many of Mike’s sketchnotes are available for use from his Flickr site under a Creative Commons license.

Both Mike and Austin do good job of showing their work via their Tumblr site.

Mike has been impressed with the way that Jeffrey Zeldman has helped to shape the web standards community.

Mike’s new book (coming out this summer but currently available for pre-order) is The Sketchnote Workbook.

Sketchnoting as a gateway drug – I mentioned how Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art has had a big impact on the way I approach my work.

Derek Bruff put together an impressive Prezi on using sketchnotes in the classroom.

Here are the places where Mike shares his stuff online:


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