Why I Make Sketched Videos

I’ve been making videos for YouTube since 2014, but in all those years I’ve yet to feel like I’ve hit my stride. In this video I talk about that journey, and explain the latest tweak that I’m making in an effort come closer to the creative vision that I have for the channel and for my work at large.

Here’s the full sketch:

I’m leaning into YouTube on a more personal level to create stronger feedback loops with my work within Verbal to Visual and my attempts to understand what’s going on in the world.

Whether you’ve been here for years or are just now finding this work, thanks for being a part of the journey!

Learn How to Take Visual Notes

If you like the style of the notes I share above and would like to learn that skill yourself, then come join us inside of Verbal to Visual.

There you’ll find a full library of sketchnoting courses and regular live workshops to help you build your skills:

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