New Idea-Capturing Tool: A Canon Rebel T5i DSLR

When it comes to the tools you use as a visual note-taker, my advice is this: start with accessible and affordable materials.

I whole-heartedly believe in that advice, but there’s a second stage that’s fun to enter once you’re comfortable with the basics of visual thinking – the stage when you get to explore new tools.

That exploration is gradual, and occurs as funds and time allow.

The latest tool that I’ve been exploring is the Canon T5i DSLR camera.

This is by far the best camera I’ve ever owned.


I bought it primarily because I need a camera that does video well, as that’s the primary instructional tool within The Verbal To Visual Classroom.

I’ve been using it lately both for the face-on-camera intro and outro to each video, as well as for the top-down video of me sketching out ideas. So far it’s working really well and meeting my needs nicely.

How To Sketchnote Your Favorite Quotes (VTV Episode #12) - Verbal To Visual Video - Doug Neill - Steven Pressfield - the war of art, turning pro - visual note-taking, visual thinking, doodling

An expensive camera is only worth getting if you’re ready to invest heavily in the idea-sharing component of visual note-taking. You can do a lot with camera phones and relatively inexpensive scanners (the scanner I use also happens to be made by Canon).

For me this new tool is just another way to capture and share ideas, and I’m having fun getting to know it and exploring its potential.


Have you come across any new tools lately that you’re enjoying?


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