New Sketchnoting Series: On a Roll with Doug Neill

In this first episode of a new sketchnoting series called On a Roll with Doug Neill, I take you through the latest things I’ve been thinking about and working on, as captured in rough sketchnotes on a large roll of paper.

I let you know about a sketchnoting course and book that I’m enjoying right now, share some of my latest podcast sketchnotes, how I think about what goes on inside of Verbal to Visual, and the origin of this series.

Hope you enjoy it!



Here are the topics that I’d like to follow up on in future work:

  • Make a video about the blend of courses and community within Verbal to Visual. (3:23)
  • Make a video sharing the climbing-a-building analogy for skill-building. (8:18)
  • Polish up a few ideas from recent Offline with Jon Favreau interviews about the role of the internet and social media. (10:22)

Start Taking Visual Notes

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