Not At Work But Thinking About Work - The Doug Neill Show - Episode #25

Not at Work but Thinking About Work

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How much time do you spend outside of work thinking about work? Some of that away-from-work pondering is useful. But it’s likely that a lot of it isn’t. In this episode I explore where my own thoughts tend to go and encourage you to start developing an awareness of how you’re spending your mental energy when away from the office.

The Doug Neill Show: Episode #25

Recorded on June 12th, 2019

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The Ratio of Thinking About VS Doing Work

0:40 – 2:12

How much time doing you spend thinking about doing the work compared to actually doing it.

A Flowchart for Mindfulness Away from Work

3:25 – 13:25

Following your typical mental pathways and deciding which you actually want to keep going down.

  • The New Yorker article about the writer of Deadwood: David Milch’s Third Act. Paraphrased: “When I’m not writing I don’t think about writing.”
  • One take on mindfulness: paying attention to where your train of thought is taking you, and deciding if that’s a place you’d like to go.
  • Want to see the flowchart that described some of my typical trains of thought? I shared that image with Patrons!
  • The tool that I use to jot down ideas and identify the follow-up action that I can take once I’m back in the office: Evernote.
  • The importance of letting your mind wander came up in one of my test episodes (that came even before Episode #1!). I shared those early episodes only on Patreon – it’s Episode C if you want to dig back and explore it.
  • I’ve found morning meditation to help build general awareness of my thoughts throughout the day. The app Insight Timer has some good guided meditations (I like the instructor Tara Brach).

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