Action-oriented courses to support you in the development and use of your sketchnoting skills.

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An Introduction to Visual Note-Taking

Reconnect to making marks by hand as you learn to use text, layout, imagery, and color to engage your visual brain.

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Digital Sketchnoting

Tap into the unique capabilities of a digital note-taking device as a learning, problem-solving, and storytelling tool.

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Sketchnoting in the Classroom

Add sketchnoting to your toolkit as an instructor as you help your students develop their own visual thinking skills.

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How to Make Sketchnote Videos

Tap into the power of visual storytelling as you learn the tools and techniques for making hand-sketched videos.

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Sketchnoting Side Hustle

Craft a side project in which you merge your interests with your sketchnoting skills to create work that will get you paid.

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Build an Online Course with Sketchnotes

Turn your passion and skills into a transformative educational experience for others.

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Learn in Public

Lay the foundation for your future career by documenting and sharing your skill development.

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Learn a New Language with Sketchnotes

A faster path to fluency: use the powerful combination of words and visuals to help you master a new language.

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