Overlooked Opportunities

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I spend a lot of time (maybe too much) thinking about where I’d like to take my creative career. I think about the skills I’d like to develop, the things I’d like to make with those skills, and the ongoing projects that I want to launch and grow. That focus on the future led me to neglect opportunities that are right in front of me, opportunities to develop and use the skills connected to those ideal future projects. In this episode I share the story of that realization and the ways in which I’ll be refocusing my energy on current projects in a way that sets me up for success with that future ideal work.

The Doug Neill Show: Episode #23

Recorded on May 31st, 2019

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Bridging the Gap Between Future and Current Projects

0:38 – 2:41

Have you been spending a lot of imagining an ideal future project? That might mean that you’re neglecting opportunities sitting right in front of you.

My Current Work & Future Projects

2:41 – 8:28

A breakdown of the projects I’m working on each day, and those I hope to take on in the future.

  • Current Work #1: helping folks develop and use their sketchnoting skills via the videos and courses here.
  • Current Work #2: this podcast, the sketchnote summaries and visual templates connected to it, and a future guide!
  • Future Project #1: essay writing, which I described in this episode: Adding a Layer to Your Creative Career.
  • Future Project #2: making music.
  • The big question: do I have the time and energy (regularly, consistently) to build and sustain momentum on a new project.
  • A related question: are the economic engines behind my current work strong enough? I talked about that idea in this episode: Hedgehog Mode & The Flywheel Effect.

How I’ve Been Neglecting Current Opportunities to Write

8:28 – 15:56

How I can develop and use my writing skills right now, both to build momentum with current projects and set myself up for success with future projects.

  • Writing the blog post How I Became A Sketchnote Educator helped me to see the writing opportunities that I’ve been neglecting.
  • The places where I can focus on building and using my writing skills: blogs posts connected to video lessons and my own sketchnotes; the show notes for podcast episodes; the free sketchnoting guides I’m working on; the guide on building a sustainable creative career that’s in its early stages.
  • What opportunities might you be neglecting because your sights are set too far in the future? How might you weave some aspects of those ideal future projects into your current work?

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