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Paula Wilkes – Multiple Intelligences, Mind Mapping, And The Icons Of Depth And Complexity

In this episode of The Verbal To Visual Podcast experienced educator Paula Wilkes and I chat about the idea of multiple intelligences, the use of mind mapping in the classroom, icons of depth and complexity, and the big picture role of education in developing every child’s abilities.

Notes & Links

Where Paula’s path and mine intersect: the College of Education at Pacific University (Eugene campus).

We chatted a bit about multiple intelligences. Here is Howard Gardner‘s book on the subject – Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

Paula was first introduced to the idea of mind mapping by Nancy Margulies. Here is her book Mapping Inner Space: Learning and Teaching Visual Mapping.

The work of Stephen Wiltshire shows high levels of visual-spatial intelligence.

Paula wrote an article for on the topic of spiritual sensitivity.

In July of this year Paula will be presenting at the SENG annual conference (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted).

Like Ken Robinson, Paula is not on the STEM-crazed bandwagon. Here are some sketchnotes I took of Robinson’s talk earlier this week.

Here’s one of the best education models that Paula has seen – Learning and Leading With Habits of Mind: 16 Essential Characteristics for Success. More info here.

Paula helped developed teaching resources on the topic of depth and complexity. Here’s The Icon Game: Responding to Literature with Depth and Complexity that I mentioned I used while reading The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.

Connect with Paula on her website or with an email to

If you’re a teacher interested in incorporating visual note taking into your classroom, send an email to with the title “Visual Note Taking In The Classroom”.


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