The Philosophical Foundations of the app Concepts

Are you curious about how digital note-taking apps get built?

The recent conversation between Mike Rohde and David Brittain on The Sketchnote Army Podcast gives you a look inside that process.

Brittain is the co-founder of the app Concepts, and in these sketchnotes I capture the part of the conversation where he and Rohde talk about the philosophical foundations that underlie the app and its development:

The philosophy behind the sketching app Concepts.

Some highlights about the tool Concepts:

  • It’s built to be used in the early stages of the design process – for sketching, rough ideas, and visual communication.
  • It invites higher-level discussion, before you get bogged down in the weeds of lower-level details.
  • It brings the benefits of vectors – you can scale infinitely without losing quality, and change the color or style of your strokes after you’ve made them.
  • There are loads of export options and the tool is available on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.
  • They’re not trying to trap you in the product – they want you to find a good place for Concepts to fit into your overall workflow.

As I write this post (at the end of 2020), Concepts is my favorite app for sketchnoting, so I encourage you to check it out!


Digital Sketchnoting

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Tap into the power of the tablet-and-stylus tool combination for your visual note-taking.

In that course you’ll get to see the most popular apps used by sketchnoters and explore how to weave the unique features of digital tools into your sketchnoting process.

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I hope you enjoy exploring Concepts as well as any other app that has caught your eye!