Procreate’s Animation Tool

The power of sketchnoting comes from the merging of hand-sketched images and handwritten text to create a visual summary of a set of ideas.

What if we added some motion to that picture?

Procreate’s animation tool makes that addition very accessible, and in the video above you’ll get to see me use that tool for the first time as I create this animation:

The five components of voice, as described by Lisa Congdon in her wonderful book Find Your Artistic Voice.

Resources mentioned in this video:

Free Sketchnoting Guide

Want to give sketchnoting a try but not sure where to start? Check out this sample of The Verbal To Visual Notebook:

That 100% hand-sketched notebook includes a set of prompts to help you put pen to paper and start sketching out ideas yourself.

You can get the free guide here.

Good luck making your own moving sketchnotes with Procreate’s animation tool!