Repurposing Your Creative Work - The Doug Neill Show - Episode #22

Repurposing Your Creative Work

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How to dig into your past work, dust it off, add something new to it, and share it in an impactful way.

The Doug Neill Show: Episode #22

Recorded on May 23rd, 2019

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What it Means to Repurpose

0:37 – 3:49

An overview of what it looks like to repurpose your creative work, and the two categories of work to pull from.

  • Balancing the creation of new work with the occasional look back at what you’ve done in the past, and how you might use that past work in a new way.
  • The two categories of work that you can repurpose: internal (work that you made and shared via your own website or social media accounts) and external (work that you did with/for others, that lives elsewhere).
  • With sustainable weekly workflows you can build up the creative material that, over time, you might find ways to repurpose.

Example #1: Being a Podcast Guest

3:49 – 7:54

Pulling clips from my interviews on The George Mihaly Show and The Sketchnote Army Podcast.

Example #2: Additional Resources

7:54 – 12:22

Adding public videos as additional resources at the end of lessons within a paid course.

Example #3: Turning Videos Into Guides

12:22 – 16:31

My plan to weave together a handful of publicly-available videos into guides that focus on a particular aspect or application of sketchnoting.

  • I do have one free guide current available for folks new to sketchnoting, but I’m in the process of creating more, using the videos I share here as the core piece to those guides.
  • The title of one of the guides I’m working on: Overcome Your Fear of Drawing – a major pain point for some folks learning about sketchnoting.
  • I share a bit about my early work on those guides in this episode: Creative Retreat on a Cross-Country Train.
  • I like thinking about my weekly work as the creation of building blocks that one day I might be able to combine into a larger structure.

Example #4: Revisiting Old Sketchnotes

16:31 – 21:54

Digging into my archive of sketchnotes to revisit the ideas I captured and see how my sketchnoting process and style have changed over the years.

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