Visual note-taking is a powerful tool. These resources will help you develop it.

An Introduction To Visual Note-Taking

Reconnect to making marks by hand as you learn to use text, layout, imagery, and color within your notes to engage your visual brain and reach your full creative and professional potential.

Sketchnoting In The Classroom

Are you an educator interested in bringing visual note-taking into the classroom, both as an instructional tool and as a skill that you teach your students? If so, this resource kit and pilot program are for you!

How To Make Sketchnote Videos

Tap into the power of visual storytelling and the engagement of video content by creating your own sketchnote videos. This is my favorite format for sharing ideas and I’m teaching you everything I know.

The Verbal To Visual Community

The Verbal To Visual Classroom - Doug Neill

Join a global group of visual practitioners in daily webinars that will help you to build and apply your visual thinking skills alongside a supportive community.

The Visual Vocabulary Pack is designed to help you get started with visual communication. It is a set of ready-to-use hand-sketched icons (in PNG and SVG format) plus an actionable guide that will walk you through the steps of building your own personalized visual vocabulary. (Note: this Visual Vocabulary Pack is included in the purchase of the Introduction To Visual Note-Taking course.)

The Verbal To Visual Notebook


The Verbal To Visual Notebook is a 100%-sketched set of 128 skill-building activities, all of which are designed to help you develop the skills you need to become a proficient visual note-taker. (Note: The Verbal To Visual Notebook is included in the purchase of the Introduction To Visual Note-Taking course.)

The Learn In Public Workbook

The Learn In Public Workbook

When I first began developing my visual thinking skills, I decided to share my slow but steady progress over at The Graphic Recorder. If you’d like to develop your own strategy for sharing your skill-development online, check out Learn In Public.