Screw You Bronchitis; Everything's an Offer; Break Please!; The Doug Neill - Episode #7

Screw You Bronchitis

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Working while sick, looking for the offer hidden within a frustrating situation, and establishing healthy (but not indulgent) breaks throughout the work day.

The Doug Neill Show: Episode #7

Recorded on February 7th, 2019

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Screw You Bronchitis

0:36 – 8:20

How a bout with bronchitis helped me to establish a secondary work mode for those times when energy levels are sub-par.

  • One aspect of the secondary work mode that I describe in this segment – pausing the weekly schedule that I have in place at Verbal To Visual.
  • Being a little bit sick reminded me of the importance of buffers, which I explore in this visual summary of the book Essentialism.

Everything’s An Offer

8:20 – 13:32

Looking for the offer that’s hidden within a frustrating situation.

  • The book Everything’s An Offer by Robert Poynton and illustrated by my friend Gary Hirsch, who run On Your Feet (applying improv principles to the business setting).
  • The offer I was presented with: the opportunity to kickstart one-on-one conversations with fans of Verbal To Visual, and do some drafting of future weekly videos in the process.
  • I’m using index cards to capture the questions I receive and my drafted responses, and storing them for future use with The Shoebox Method.

Break Please!

13:32 – 20:51

My list of acceptable break activities to pair with the Pomodoro technique to keep me on track throughout the work day.

  • My savior the past few weeks: the Pomodoro technique.
  • Acceptable breaks for me: reading (analog only! non-fiction book, fiction book, The New Yorker, The New York Times), cross word puzzles, meditation, exercise, doing the dishes, practicing scales on the piano or guitar, short walk, sitting outside of my office (daydreaming, people watching, or listening to music).

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