Creating Visual Metaphors with Story Cubes

It’s time for our second visual thinking game with Story Cubes! Here’s a two-cube game that we developed to help you build your sketchnote drawing skills in a fun way.

If you missed the first game we designed and tested out you can watch us play it here. If you want to pick up your own set of Story Cubes you can do that here.

If you decide to play this game yourself then let us know how it goes using #verbaltovisualgames on Twitter or Instagram!

The Rules

Step 1: Roll two Story Cubes.

Step 2: Merge the two visuals into a single drawing.

Step 3: Give that hybrid object a name.

Step 4: Share out.

The Results

– Round 1 –

– Round 2 –

– Round 2 –

Some Reflections

  • Inventing the meaning behind the merger of two distinct visuals is surprisingly fun.
  • This is a good way to practice drawing multiple objects that are interacting with each other (great skill to build as a sketchnoter!).
  • It was nice to not have a timer on this game (unlike the first one we played) – we could spend more time practicing our drawing skills without feeling rushed.
  • Simple icon + simple icon = complex concept. That’s pretty cool.

Your Turn

Now it’s your turn to give this Story Cubes game a try! Let us know how it goes using #verbaltovisualgames – if you include a photo of the results we might add it to this post 🙂




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