Sketchnote Walkthrough: Creativity Zappers & Boosters

How much creative energy do you feel like you have right now? Are you filled up and ready to go, or depleted and in need of a recharge?

To help you identify the helpful and harmful components of your daily life, I’d like to share with you the creativity zappers and creativity boosters that Chase Jarvis describes in his book Creative Calling.

In the video above you can watch a sketchnote walkthrough of those ideas.

Here’s the final image of that sketchnote:

A visual summary of the creativity zappers and boosters that Chase Jarvis describes in his book Creative Calling.

The Creativity Zappers

  • Bad medicine – what you put into your body has a significant impact on your ability to do creativity work.
  • Social media – nonstop chatter won’t help you get your work done.
  • The news – don’t let the presence of 24-hour news pull your attention away from your important work.
  • Email – don’t prioritize what other people want from you.
  • Overwork – if you empty your tank today you won’t have anything to bring tomorrow.
  • The wrong work – if your work isn’t aligned with your values and vision, it will become unnecessarily draining.

The Creativity Boosters

  • Craft – developing your core skills will open your work up to new possibilities.
  • Creative cross-training – uncover insights by exploring your creativity in new genres.
  • Meditation, gratitude, and visualization – a quite, thankful, and trained mind opens to door to your full creative potential.
  • Movement – blood flow and a changing physical environment lights up your brain.
  • Good nutrition – good things in promote good things out.
  • Cold therapy – a positive shock to your system.
  • Proper hydration – give your body and brain what it needs to perform at its best.
  • Create before you consume – avoid comparison and procrastination by focusing on your own work first.
  • Good organization – have your tools at the ready and your work stored where it’s accessible.
  • Adventure and play – having fun expands your curiosity and widens your field of vision.
  • Sleep – there’s no sustainable substitute for a well-rested mind and body.
  • Quiet – create the conditions for your mind to wander and to focus, without distraction.

Do any of those stand out to you?

Over the next few days, try removing one zapper from your life and adding in a booster or two.

Good luck!

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