The Shift Toward Global Thinking

What sort of global movement will it take to address the problems that our world faces?

That’s the question that Colombe Cahen-Salvador explores in this TED Talk, and in the video above I walk you through the sketchnotes that I took of it.

The three-part framework guiding the efforts of the global organization NOW!

Some highlights of my sketchnoting process:

  • While listening to the talk I took bullet point notes of the ideas that stood out to me.
  • After completing those bullet point notes I decided to focus my sketchnote on the three-part framework behind the organization NOW!
  • I used my iPad and the app Concepts (my go-to these days for digital sketchnotes).
  • I used large text and a blue highlighter to get at hierarchy when labeling the three parts of the framework.
  • For each of the details I tried to come up with a unique visual (like Jeff Bezos’s pants!) and some helpful text.

Some highlights about the topic I sketchnoted:

  • I appreciate the push to move individuals away from thinking nationally and toward thinking globally.
  • There’s so much that I don’t know about international relations, but my curiosity is piqued.
  • I’d like to learn more about the history and current state of international organizations like the United Nations.
  • A few related sources have crossed my path, each of which I’ve taken bullet point notes on and hope to sketchnote soon: American Surrender (The Atlantic) and Where the U.S. Hides its Secrets (Johnny Harris).

Feel free to steal any sketchnoting techniques that look appealing to you and apply them to your own work!


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