Sketchnoting as a Gateway to a Creative Life

Before I got into sketchnoting, I didn’t think of myself as a particularly creative person.

Now, after a decade of developing and using this skill, I consider creativity to be one of my core competencies.

Because of that slow build in confidence of my creative skills, I consider sketchnoting to be a gateway to living a more creative life in general.

One way that I’ve noticed that increased creativity is a willingness to take on projects that beforehand I likely wouldn’t have.

Here’s a summary of those projects:

The creative projects that I’ve taken on since I started exploring the skill of sketchnoting.


Prior to developing my sketchnoting skills, I wasn’t much of a journaler. But taking notes on the ideas of others made me want to start keeping track of my own ideas. I’ve experimented with many journaling formats over the years (like this walking journal and this travel journal), but the simple decision to create a space when I can capture my ideas and reflections has boosted my creative confidence by making new challenges feel surmountable.


Sketchnoting is such a great skill to bring with you to a group or organization because it allows you to make a unique contribution. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with a local TEDx event, creating slides for a Creative Live class on travel hacking, as well as contributing sketchnotes to books and radio programs that resonate with me.


Not long after jumping into the world of visual thinking, I started making a career transition toward entrepreneurship. Visual notes help you to see new possibilities, and then make them a reality. Since I like to keep things simple, I’ve stuck within the realm of solopreneurship. It’s a challenging but rewarding path to go down.

Wedding Coasters

One use of your sketchnoting skills is to create posters or other visual artifacts in connection with live events. I really enjoyed designing these coasters for my wedding as a way to commemorate that important day and share a party gift with attendees.

Master Bedroom Design

After becoming a home owner a few years back, it didn’t take long for a list of big projects to accumulate. One of the first that we decided to tackle was the renovation of a former attic space into our master bedroom. Using the app Concepts and my sketchnoting skills, I helped to plan out the design of that space and communicate project plans with a carpenter that we hired for some of the more specialized work.


While sketchnoting is by no means the only way to explore your creativity and build your confidence, I’ve found it to be a great jumping off point for projects that I might have considered outside of my wheelhouse before. I hope you enjoyed hearing about a few of those.

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