Sketchnoting Course Additions: Captions & Transcripts

One of my long term goals here is to continue improving the sketchnoting resources that I’ve created in the past, specifically the online courses that I offer.

With that in mind, today I’d like to share with you a few updates that I’ve just made to the course An Introduction to Visual Note-Taking, updates that I’ll be making to all of our other courses as well.

Those two additions are captions in English and full PDF transcripts with images.

First let me show you what those look like within the course, and then I’ll let you know why I added them.

The Course Additions

As you’ll be able to see on each video within the course, there’s now a closed captioning button and the option to turn on English captions.

Traditional captions in English are now available on every lesson within the course.

What I enjoy the video hosting service that I use (Wistia) is that you can have those subtitles be at the bottom of the video like you’re probably used to, or you can make them fullscreen to browse the entire transcript and jump ahead to specific sections by clicking on that text.

You can also go fullscreen with the captions and click on any line to jump to that part in the video.

You can also, of course, turn them off if you don’t want to see those.

And when it’s in fullscreen mode, you can actually search for specific words and jump to wherever that word shows up in the video.

As I was putting together those captions, I also realized it would make a whole lot of sense to put together a PDF transcript and include images from the lesson itself. So that’s what I’ve done.

I also put together PDF transcripts of each lesson that include images of the sketchnotes you see me creating in the video.

I’ve included an image of the full sketchnoted lesson first, and then the complete text of my spoken narration throughout that lesson with the appropriate sketchnoted images included along the way.

You’ll find both the final full sketchnote at the top of the PDF and smaller sketchnotes embedded throughout.

Why Captions & Transcripts?

There are two main reasons that I decided to add captions and transcripts to each lesson with that course.

In the case of English captions, I have non-native speakers in mind.

As someone who enjoys language learning, I know how helpful it can be to have the text of the language that you’re listening, so that if you miss a word here or there or need to look something up, you have easy access to that text.

So if English is your second or third language and you’re fairly fluent but not fully fluent, I hope you find those captions helpful.

In the case of the PDF transcript with sketchnoted images, I had in mind folks who would want to revisit a specific lesson, maybe a week or a month after they first watched the video.

With those PDFs you can go find the thing that you’re looking for without having to re-watch the entire lesson.

Coming To All Courses Soon!

My hope, then, is that those two additions make this resource just a little bit more useful for you and make it a little bit easier to put the ideas that I’m sharing into practice yourself.

I just finished making those additions to the introductory course, but I’m going to be adding them to all my other courses as well, so be on the lookout for those!

I’m going to tackle Sketchnoting in the Classroom next and then keep on working through the others from there.

So if you’ve already picked up that intro course and these additions sound helpful to you, then go dig in, check them out, and let me know what you think.

And if you don’t yet have that intro course but want to learn more, here’s when you can check out the detials: An Introduction to Visual Note-Taking.

Reconnect to making marks by hand as you learn to use text, layout, imagery, and color to engage your visual brain.

That course will walk you step-by-step through the process of developing all of the individual skills you need, and then you’ll get to bring those skills together into your own sketchnoting process.

You can also check out our full course library here.

I’ll be back again next time with more sketchnoting projects and tips to share!

Until then,