Sketchnoting for Information Managers


In this episode Evelien Renders and I discuss how she might use her sketchnoting skills to communicate how information is digitized and shared across higher education institutions in Europe in connection with study abroad programs. This is a great episode for those using sketchnoting to communicate complex processes across institutions (education or otherwise) and potentially across cultures as well.

Check out the initial form of the visual that Evelien and I were brainstorming:

I think that the stair step model is a great approach to conveying this information.

Nicely done Evelien! Check out her post about this image on LinkedIn.

The Video Version

I’ve begun to experiment with recording my iPad screen while doing some live mind mapping of these conversations.

Here’s how this one came together, in case it helps you track where the conversation went (note that the live capture starts after the intro, about 1:00 minute in):

Dig Deeper

If you’d like to systematically build your visual thinking skills, check out our sketchnoting courses:

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