Answering Your Sketchnoting Questions

In this video you’ll get to watch over an hour of sketchnoting questions and answers!

It was fun exploring those topics alongside live viewers, and I hope you enjoy the replay and find some useful tips that you can apply to your sketchnoting work.

A Few Updates

As I mentioned in the beginning of the live-stream, there are a few exciting updates to share:

  • Live webinar workshops for Digital Sketchnoting have begun! Full replays are available, along with locations to share you work, so you can hop into that course at any point and still fully participate.
  • We recently held our second Monthly Mastermind within The Verbal to Visual Community. If you’re looking for some regular skill-building and feedback opportunities as you work toward sketchnoting mastery, then come join us!

Good luck taking the next steps in your sketchnoting journey.