Sketchnoting Success Stories

Curious about the impact that sketchnoting can have on your life? Check out these stories.

Creating a Visual Presentation

Miguel Cabral shares the story of collaborating with his boss on a visual presentation that hit record views during a live-streamed event.

Visual Curriculum Design for Online Learning

How university professor Caroline-Isabelle Caron used sketchnoting to create a course road map, communicate the weekly workflow with her students, and share individual lessons.

How Tanmay Vora Creates Viral Sketchnotes

Tanmay Vora shares his process for creating visual summaries that spread far and wide across the web, leading to regular professional opportunities.

Sketchnoting in the High School Classroom

How high school teachers might evaluate their students' sketchnotes, with examples from Ms. Freeman's 9th grade English classroom.

Teaching a Foreign Language with Sketchnotes

How Roel Vermeulen creates visual vocabulary cards on the fly to help his students learn a new language, plus some exciting work he’s doing with PowerPoint presentations

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