Sketchnoting Workshop in Portland, Oregon

I’m excited to announce that in January of 2018 I’ll be hosting a sketchnoting workshop series in Portland, Oregon!

The workshop series will span four weeks. Starting on January 16th we’ll be meeting each Tuesday evening from 6pm to 9pm at Wayfinding Academy (which is where my office has been located for the past year).

Sketchnoting Workshop - Portland, Oregon - Doug Neill - Wayfinding Academy

Join me for a workshop series that spans four weeks! (One night a week, three hours each session.)

As much as I love crafting educational materials that live on the internet, I’m excited to get back to some in-person teaching and help folks develop their visual note-taking skills in this personal and interactive format.

So if you’re in the Portland area and want to learn more about this workshop, check out the details here!

Note: as you’ll see, the prices are ridiculously reasonable, so if you’re able I encourage you to lean toward the options that help support the ongoing learning experiences of students at Wayfinding. I’m getting to know many of them, and they are wonderful!