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Small-Scale Sabbaticals

This is the 40th day in a row that I have created one of these sketchnoted videos.

And this is where that streak will end.

Starting tomorrow I’ll be taking a week-long break from the creation of these videos so that I can have some space to reenergize and engage in other learning and creative activities and then come back to these videos refreshed and with new ideas.

This is the first of many small-scale sabbaticals that I’ll be taking, an idea that I stole from Sean McCabe.

Sean McCabe Small-Scale Sabbaticals

The idea is this: take a full week off every seven weeks. I tend to work too much rather than too little, so building breaks like this into my schedule is an important component of the long-term viability of everything here at Verbal To Visual.

We’ve already incorporated the idea of small-scale sabbaticals into the classroom, but at the beginning of this video series I wasn’t sure if I’d want to take a break from these daily videos – the growing streak and the momentum they provide are hard to step away from.

But this past week I’ve noticed that a break would do me good and would do this video series good.

So we’ll press pause for now (thanks, Stefan) and be back in a week!

Till then.


How might you be able to build small-scale sabbaticals into your life?


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