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Storing Your Sketchnotes With The Long Term In Mind

In order to maximize the overall impact that your sketchnotes have on your life, it’s worth thinking about and making a plan for the long-term storage of those notes.

Here are the four steps that I go through to make sure that all of the ideas that I capture are safe and sound.

Storing Your Sketchnotes With The Long Term In Mind Full - Doug Neill - Verbal To Visual

Step 1: Create The Sketchnote!

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, after all.

Start by taking some visual notes.

Step 2: Short-Term Processing

After taking your visual notes, there will likely be some follow-up actions that you’ll want to take care of.

Maybe it’s a task that you need to complete, a new video or book to add to your stimulus queue, or a new person that you’d like to connect with.

Capture those before moving on.

Step 3: Digital Storage

Even though I’m a pen and paper sketchnoter, I like to capture my notes in a digital form as well.

I create a blog post where I share a photo of my sketchnote and write a reflection sharing how the ideas hit me and what I plan on doing with them (those live on The Graphic Recorder).

I also share them on Pinterest as a way to see them all in one place.

That digital storage serves as a backup in case anything happens to the physical pieces of paper.

Step 4: Physical Storage

The final step is to take care of the physical storage of your notes.

I’m using three-ring binders with plastic inserts for that purpose. I’ve got a separate binder for each project that I’m working on to keep everything well-organized.

So, what does your storage process look like?

Steal these ideas or adapt them to better fit your needs.

Good luck.



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