Storytelling With Maps Photos And Sketches Part 3 - Verbal To Visual Video - Doug Neill - Heath Padgett

Storytelling With Maps, Photos, And Sketches (Part 3)

In this last of a three-part series I share with you the editing process behind a multi-layered sketchnoted video presentation. Check out Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.

My goal with this video is to show you what it looks like to take a movie clip of someone sketching out ideas and turn that clip into a fast-paced video slide that can be used on stage during a presentation.

Heath Padgett used this presentation style during a talk he gave at the Candidate Experience Symposium about his road trip across the United States, working a job in every single state.

Even if you don’t include as many elements as we did for this presentation, there may be elements here that spark a new idea for the next time that you need to share your ideas with others.


Want To Dig Deeper?

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