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The 5 Most Important Components Of An Online Classroom

Online education.

That term means different things to different people.

It’s easy to lump all online learning environments together, but I think that the effectiveness of any educational experience depends on the individual components that make up that learning environment.

In this episode of Verbal To Visual Video I’ll show you my approach to online education as I give you a sneak peek into The Verbal To Visual Classroom, which I’m currently building to teach you the skill of visual note-taking.

Take a look at the video to see the components I’ve included, then let me know if your list would be any different.

Notes & Links

Here are the five major components of The Verbal To Visual Classroom:

The Verbal To Visual Classroom - Modules

The nine modules of The Verbal To Visual Classroom contain the primary instructional tool of the course – illustrated videos. Via those videos I share everything I know about visual note-taking and give you a framework for developing and applying your own skills.

The Verbal To Visual Classroom - Activities

Instruction alone won’t do the trick – you need the opportunity to put those ideas into action. That what’s these practice and application activities provide.

The Verbal To Visual Classroom - Forums

In an online environment, where students come together from around the world, it would be silly not to provide a place for you all to interact with and learn from each other. One of my goals with The Verbal To Visual Classroom is for you to learn as much from each other as you do from me, and that’s what the forums are for.

The Verbal To Visual Classroom - Q and A Webinars

Undoubtedly, questions will arise after watching those instructional videos, trying out the activities, and chatting with others in the class. Live Q & A Webinars allow for those questions to come out, for me as the instructor to do my best to answer them, and for the rest of the classroom community to share their own answers as well.

The Verbal To Visual Classroom - Library

Despite how convenient and accessible online classrooms are, I still think books are important. In the library I point you toward good books that will help you dig deeper into particular topics related to visual note-taking and give you a new perspective from a different voice on this subject.


Does that sound like a learning experience that you’d like to be a part of?

If so, you can sign up for The Verbal To Visual Classroom here.

If not, let me know what you think is missing with a comment below.

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