Podcast Sketchnotes & Workshop Planning

In this second episode of a new sketchnoting series called On a Roll with Doug Neill, I take you through the latest things I’ve been thinking about and working on, as captured in rough sketchnotes on a large roll of paper.

I share with you some planning for a workshop series I hosted inside of Verbal to Visual, some podcast sketchnotes, and how I’ve been thinking through (and sketching out) a creative dilemma that I’ve been facing lately.

Hope you enjoy it!



Here are the topics that I’d like to follow up on in future work:

  • Polish up a few ideas from recent Offline with Jon Favreau interviews about the role of the internet and social media. (8:58)
  • [Maybe] The shift into parenthood as a solopreneur. (11:51)

Start Taking Visual Notes

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