The Four Stages Of A Sketchnoting System - Doug Neill - Verbal To Visual

The Four Working Parts Of A Sketchnoting System

John Jantsch got the first full day of Pioneer Nation off to a great start.

What I appreciated about John’s talk was a focus on an integrated system that looks at every stage of the work that you do and aims to deliver a valuable experience to those your work is intended to serve at every single stage.

In this video I apply that idea of an integrated system to your experience as a sketchnoter, looking not just at the visual note-taking process itself, but the stages that come before and after it, and (most importantly) how well those stages work together.

The Four Working Parts Of A Sketchnoting System (Full) - Verbal To Visual Video - Doug Neill

I see four major stages:

  • Prep work
  • Warm up
  • Note-taking
  • Follow up

Do you have a process for each stage?

Are those processes documented?

How well do they work together?

Those are the questions to ask yourself to make sure that you make the most of the work that you do as a visual note-taker.

Check out John Jantsch’s talk at the World Domination Summit.

This video was shot and edited on an iPhone as an experiment in simple visual storytelling.


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