VTV 011 : The Making Of The Verbal To Visual Notebook

In this episode of The Verbal To Visual Podcast I share the process that I went through to bring to life The Verbal To Visual Notebook, a book that I recently published to help you develop the skill of visual note taking.



Notes & Links

The Making Of The Verbal To Visual Notebook Sketch - Doug Neill - visual note taking, sketchnoting, doodling, book

You can find more details as well as sample activities from The Verbal To Visual Notebook here.

Other books that serve as a good introduction to the skill of sketching out ideas: The Sketchnote Handbook by Mike Rohde and The Doodle Revolution by Sunni Brown.

A snapshot from the brainstorming stage of creating the book, using the idea of heuristic ideation (which I learned from The Doodle Revolution), using this episode from Radiolab as inspiration:

The Verbal To Visual Notebook Brainstorming Whiteboard Post

As I entered the illustration phase, I posted every activity to the wall and started with pencil sketches for each:


And then I started sketching:



When I went to scanning and editing, the skills I learned from Sean McCabe came in handy.

Check out the 100% sketched Verbal To Visual Notebook here.


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