The Market for Sketchnoting Skills

In this episode I chat with Stephanie Sundborg about where the market exists for sketchnoting skills. Stephanie is a great example of someone who is integrating sketchnoting in her current professional work (for Stephanie it’s helping organizations implement trauma-informed care), and also keeping an eye out for new professional avenues that might be pursued, leaning further into the visual thinking skills she’s developing. We talk about creating videos, training materials, and live facilitation – all potential applications for your skills too, no matter the field you work in. Hope you enjoy it!


Free Sketchnoting Guide

Want to give sketchnoting a try but not sure where to start? Check out this sample of The Verbal To Visual Notebook:

That 100% hand-sketched notebook includes a set of prompts to help you put pen to paper and start sketching out ideas yourself.

You can get the free guide here.