The Right Tools At The Right Time

Sometimes, the right tools seem to appear at just the right time.

This week’s video episode highlighted a method that Steven Pressfield uses to get major scenes and sequences in place at the early stage of writing a novel.

I heard about his idea in an email newsletter that I had signed up for because of the impact his book The War of Art had on my life.

I’m now using the method he described as I plan out The Verbal To Visual Classroom. It’s already had a big impact on the development of that course – adding clarity and confidence where before both were lacking.

The Verbal To Visual Classroom Clothesline - Doug Neill - planning, organizing, wall space, outline, timeline, sketchnotes, visual note-taking, doodling

That experience reminded me of something similar that occurred a number of months back. At the time I was working on The Verbal To Visual Notebook while reading Sunni Brown’s book The Doodle Revolution.

Just when I needed more activities for my notebook, I read about heuristic ideation in Brown’s book. I gave it a shot and was surprised at the result – it pushed me far past my goal of 100 total activities for the book.

Heuristic Ideation Whiteboard

After applying that tool to my work, I was ready to move on to the production stage.

And that’s exactly what is happening thanks to Pressfield’s Clothesline Method – I’m gaining the clarity that I need to dig into the details of each module of The Verbal To Visual Classroom.

Chances are that each day you come across tools and ideas that you’d be able to apply to your own work, but unless you’re paying attention they might pass right by.

So be sure to keep your eyes open – you never know from what source that next useful tool will come.


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