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The Salmon River

I’ve spent the past three days in Welches, Oregon, attending Pioneer Nation, a conference for independent entrepreneurs.

The energy of the participants in this event is complemented by the energy of its surroundings. A few days back I snuck¬†into the woods to record a video on how I would sketchnote the event. On Friday I pulled some ideas from the event’s first speaker and applied them to the sketchnoting process.

For Saturday’s video, I hiked down to the Salmon river and was reminded of this sketchnote that I made of one of the ideas within Leo Babauta‘s book Zen Habits:

Flow Around Disruptions - Verbal To Visual - Doug Neill - Leo Babauta

I would not call Pioneer Nation a disruption (it qualifies more as a welcome excursion), but it did force me to change my routines.

I’ve been away from my computer and my best camera, so I’ve taken the opportunity to learn how to shoot and edit these videos using only an iPhone and the iMovie app.

I’ve been surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed the simplicity of that creative constraint. I’m not able to be as precise with certain aspects of the video editing process, but I’ve also been liberated by the fact that at any moment in any place I can record a video, and then with any amount of free time I can pull my phone¬†out of my pocket and make progress on the edit.

I now know that I can make the videos that I want to make using just this one tool.

So while flowing like water around disruptions, you might also find yourself flowing into new opportunities that you wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.

I’m looking forward to sharing some of the recording and editing process in the coming videos for those interested in using that idea-sharing device in this way.


What has been the most recent disruption to enter your life? Have you been able to flow around it rather than trying to break through it?


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