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The Ultimate Oregon Road Trip

If I had the time and the resources, this is the road trip that I would take throughout Oregon.

At the moment, I have neither.

But I do have the opportunity to help a friend who took a road trip across the entire United States tell his story during an upcoming conference, and that’s what this video is really about.

It’s a test run to figure out the dynamics not just of using video clips as slides but also of tracing a route along a map with photos and sketches at certain destinations to help tell the story.

In an age when we’re inundated with digital images, there’s something refreshing and approachable about making a video with a map, a sharpie, index cards, printed photos, and blue painter’s tape.

The Ultimate Oregon Road Trip Full Map

My story was intentionally quick-paced. His won’t be.

In this video I only covered Oregon. He covered the lower 48 (and Alaska).

For those two reasons I’m thinking some storyboarding will be in order – I’ll want to move the camera closer to certain destinations so that I can zoom in on photos and sketches.

I also want to print out higher-quality photos – these were printed on simple copy paper at low resolution.

There’s definitely room for polish in this style, but I think it’s solid at the core.

I’m already looking forward to the next iteration and testing this out on the entire United States. Stay tuned.


What else should I improve about this presentation style?

What’s the most unique but still effective visual presentation style that you can recall?


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