The Values Compass

In the busyness of day-to-day life, it’s easy for your values to fade to the background.

But taking the time to identify what’s most important to you and get clear on what your values look like in action will help you to integrate those values into your life in a deeper way.

To help you align your actions with your values, I’ve created a template that uses the visual metaphor of a compass where you can keep track of your values and make sure that your actions are moving in a direction that’s toward them rather than away from them:

A visual template where you can sketch out your values in action, as well as the opposites that you want to avoid.

As a first step in making use of that template, I encourage you to print out and cut up these value cards to help you decide on the handful (three to five) that you’d like to focus on within a given area of your life.

I recently went though this activity with my wife when preparing for parenthood, and here are the values we’ve decided to keep top of mind during the first year with our twin boys:

The parenting values that my wife and I established while preparing for our twin boys to enter the world.

After identifying the values you want to embody, you might also consider their opposites so that you know what to avoid. Even something as simple as a “to-don’t list” or “stop doing list” has been helpful for me in the past when working to break bad habits or establish a better mindset.

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