Todd Henry’s Lessons Learned from 2020

What are your take-aways from 2020?

What lessons have you learned that you’d like to apply to your work and life moving forward?

In the video above and sketchnotes below I shared what Todd Henry learned, as he described on a recent podcast episode of his show The Accidental Creative.

Here are the sketchnotes that I capture based on what Todd shared:

Todd Henry’s Lessons Learned from 2020.

A quick recap of those lessons learned:

  • Diversify your portfolio before you need it.
  • Have a “break the glass” strategy.
  • Embrace the flow of the river.
  • A stimulated mind equals a stimulated life.
  • Don’t judge people by your measure for yourself.

In the video above I go into more depth about those lessons and share my own reflections around how I plan to apply them to my life and work.

Which of those resonated the most with you?

And more importantly, what can you do in the coming days and weeks to incorporate that lesson into your life?


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