Tools For Taking, Storing, & Sharing Your Sketchnotes

“What materials do you use to sketchnote?”

That’s one of the questions that I am most frequently asked, so I decided to make a video sharing the tools that I use. I’m also working on a more comprehensive materials guide for sketchnoters to lay out all of the options available to you.

Check out the video above for descriptions of each of the tools that I use and how I use them. Below you’ll find links if you’d like to pick some of them up for yourself.

The Tools I Write & Sketch With


The Materials I Write & Sketch On


Combinations & Processes


  • Legal pad + black pen for initial brainstorming
  • Index cards + black pen for to-do lists and planning
  • Index cards + black pen + highlighters for slides and shownotes
  • Index cards + black pen + highlighters for book notes
  • Large sketchbook + two-color pens for illustrated videos and classroom lessons
  • Large moleskine + pencil -> pen for two-stage sketchnotes
  • Small moleskine + pen for travel journaling
  • Grid paper + pen for digitizable notes
  • Roll of poster paper + chisel tip Sharpies for large scale work

The Digital Tools I Use


There are plenty of interesting and useful materials out there, but don’t try to find the perfect combination, just start with what is affordable and accessible, and then experiment from there!


Want To Dig Deeper?

If you’re new to the idea of sketchnoting and excited to develop more visual thinking tools, I think you’d enjoy our foundational course An Introduction To Visual Note-Taking.

If you’d like to make sketchnoted videos like the one you saw here, we’ve got a course for that too! Check out How To Make Sketchnote Videos.

And if you’re an educator interested in bringing visual note-taking into your classroom, check out Sketchnoting In The Classroom.