Top 10 Sketchnoting Videos of 2019

Hello friends and happy new year! (Not to mention new decade…how’d that happen so quickly?)

As we close out the year, I thought I’d share the sketchnoting videos from the past year that: 1) are some of my favorites; and 2) seemed to resonate with you as well.

Here’s a chance to remind yourself of those ideas from earlier in the year and catch up on those that you might have missed!

My Sketchnoting Toolkit

Curious about the sketchnoting tools I use? Here are my favorites!

Full blog post: My Sketchnoting Toolkit

The Shoebox Method

An analog approach to developing big projects.

Full blog post: The Shoebox Method

A Sketchnoted Travel Journal

Some simple tools to capture your next adventure in a unique way.

Full blog post: A Sketchnoted Travel Journal

Whiteboard Animation Workflow

How I make these hand-drawn videos.

Full blog post: Whiteboard Animation Workflow

How to Expand Your Visual Language

Build up from basic icons to more complex representations of ideas.

Full blog post: How to Expand Your Visual Language

A Menu for Sketchnoters

A step-by-step process to get you set up for any sketchnoting session.

Full blog post: A Menu for Sketchnoters

Google’s Massive Archive of Simple Drawings

My new favorite resource to help folks overcome their fear of drawing.

Full blog post: Google’s Massive Archive of Simple Drawings

iPad Sketchnotes: A Simple Template

How to structure the page for your next digital note-taking session.

Full blog post: iPad Sketchnotes: A Simple Template

Less Consumption, More Creation

Why you might want to scale back the amount of information you consume each week.

Full blog post: Less Consumption, More Creation

How to Build a Daily Drawing Habit

Increase your comfort level with drawing as you build up your visual thinking skills.

Full blog post: How to Build a Daily Drawing Habit

Get a Jump-Start on 2020

I hope that the videos above give you a bit of momentum with your sketchnoting efforts as we wrap up one year and start the next.

If you’d like an even bigger jump-start on your sketchnoting skill development in 2020, here are two suggestions:

Merge your sketchnoting skills with the unique capabilities of a digital note-taking device to amplify your learning, problem-solving, and storytelling efforts.

1) Take part in the development of our next course: Digital Sketchnoting. We’re having a kick-off webinar for that course on January 15th and I’d love to see you there!

2) Get access to bonus resources connected to each of the YouTube videos that I make by becoming a Patron. There you’ll find extra downloads, behind-the-scenes updates, and monthly Q&As.

Here’s to lots of sketchnoting in the coming year (and decade)!