Transformative Travel; That was Painful; Notifications: Off; The Doug Neill Show - Episode #6

Transformative Travel

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How new places and new experiences can add to your creativity, the importance of embracing discomfort in your creative work, and why it’s worth addressing bad mental habits caused by the wrong kind of notifications.

The Doug Neill Show: Episode #6

Recorded on January 26th, 2019

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Transformative Travel

0:34 – 11:10

A weekend trip to Austin, Texas that provided the opportunity to refill my inspiration tank and explore a new creative outlet.

That Was Painful

11:10 – 22:08

Two stories about the pain and discomfort that sometimes accompanies creative work, and how the willingness to embrace that discomfort is an important piece to a long and sustainable career.

  • You might not be able to tell when listening to it, but last week’s episode was particularly painful to record!
  • Even though I’ve made over 200 videos for Verbal To Visual, I still go through an awkward uncomfortable stage (sometimes slight, sometimes significant) with each.
  • The term “ordinary courage” comes from the wonderful work of Brené Brown.
  • Here’s a video I made on establishing your code of ethics (inspired by the work of Todd Henry) and this one on workday habits that references the “ordinary courage” addition to my own code of ethics.
  • The video and blog post that was the source of the second painful story: The Shoebox Method.
  • The idea of “productive passion” from Todd Henry comes up in this Visual Conversations episode: The Iceberg Model & Productive Passion (jump ahead to 21:28 in the video).

Notifications: Off

22:08 – 30:01

How one small notification on my phone hijacked my brain, and my attempt to reclaim the attention that it stole.

  • The previous segment in what’s turning into an ongoing series about my relationship with technology: Goodbye Apps, Hello Newspaper.
  • The backbone of my financial stability: the courses I’ve created at Verbal To Visual.
  • The tool that I use to accept online payments for my courses: Stripe.

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