Under One Roof - The Doug Neill Show - Episode #21

Under One Roof

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What it looks like to bring multiple creative projects all under the same roof.

The Doug Neill Show: Episode #21

Recorded on May 10th, 2019

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The Challenge: Multiple Creative Projects

0:39 – 2:10

What do you do when you have multiple creative projects and ambitions. Where does each live? How might they support each other?

The Big Picture: Multipotentialite Work Models

2:10 – 8:55

Looking at this question through the lens of multipotentialism and Emilie Wapnick’s book How To Be Everything.

  • Check out Emilie Wapnick, her book How To Be Everything, and her TEDx talk Why some of us don’t have one true calling.
  • The Group Hug Approach: one multi-faceted job or business that allows you to wear many hats and shift between several domains at work. (That’s how I would describe Verbal to Visual). 
  • The Slash Approach: having two or more part-time jobs/businesses that you flit between on a regular basis. (I’ve experimented with part-time jobs outside of Verbal to Visual – most recently at Wayfinding Academy – and that’s how I first viewed the podcast, as a separate part-time job.)
  • Now that this podcast has reached a certain level of maturity, I think it’s a good time to bring it under the umbrella of Verbal to Visual. There’s enough overlap for that to make the most sense.

My Plans: The Integration of Two Projects

8:55 – 19:12

Why it makes sense for this podcast to live within Verbal to Visual, and how I plan to carry out that integration.

  • What makes this integration make more sense in my mind: the sketchnote summaries and visual templates that I’ve been sharing on Patreon. That overlap with visual thinking make this home more appropriate.
  • The title and content of this show will remain the same. I might slightly change how I frame it in the beginning – more of a behind-the-scenes of the building of Verbal to Visual, just to make the connection explicit.
  • The slash approach might come back into play in the future – specifically with writing and music projects that I’m imagining taking on one day. I talked about my interest in writing back in this episode: Adding a Layer to Your Creative Career.
  • By keeping it as “The Doug Neill Show” rather than “The Verbal to Visual Show”, I stay close to one piece of its original purpose – to give me a space to share more personal stories about what it’s like to build what I’m building.
  • The show notes for each episode will now live here at Verbal to Visual! I don’t plan to post anything to www.dougneill.com, but might still be using redirects from there (like www.dougneill.com/21) for simplicity.
  • I plan to break down the blog page into three categories: videos, sketchnotes, and podcast.
  • Something to think about: how might each piece of creative work that you put out support the overall whole of your creative career?

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