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Using Visuals As An Anchor While Taking Notes

One of the powerful things about visual note-taking is the ability of a single drawn object to trigger an entire set of ideas.

I like to think of that meaningful visual element as an anchor. It’s a reference point that holds a number of other ideas in place:

Visuals As An Anchor To Your Notes - Verbal To Visual Video - Doug Neill - sketchnoting, doodling, drawing, note-taking, visual notes

Here are some examples of anchors that I have used in the past:



Something as simple as a door or a shoe, when combined with just a few words that add some context, triggers in my mind the stories and ideas behind those objects.

So the next time you’re sketchnoting, listen for those objects that could serve as anchors to the set of ideas that your capturing on the page.

What powerful visual anchors have you used in the past?


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