Playing Visual Thinking Games with Story Cubes

In this episode of Sketchnote School we play a game to help you build your visual vocabulary using Rory’s Story Cubes!

Want to play along with us? Pick up your own set of cubes here.

Here’s a breakdown of the rules:

The Results

– Round 1 –

– Round 2 –

– Round 3 –

– Round 4 –

– Final Score (Doug wins!) –

Some Reflections

  • Two minutes felt like the right amount of time for each round.
  • Interesting dynamic to pay attention to: how much time and effort you put into the drawing vs the word associations.
  • How directly does this skill (visual to word) help with sketchnoting (which is typically word to visual)?

Your Turn

Now it’s your turn to give this Story Cubes game a try! Maybe even add your own alterations to it in order to make it even better. If you do that, let us know.

Also let us know if you enjoyed this format and would like to see us test out other visual thinking games on camera. We’d be happy to oblige 🙂




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