Visual Vocabulary: Side Hustle

As a sketchnoter, I consider the building of your visual vocabulary to be a lifelong effort. There are always new things to learn how to draw, and I find that to be exciting rather than daunting.

To support you in the growth of your visual vocabulary, I’ve been creating a series of videos in which I’ll show you how to draw a handful of icons around a specific topic.

Here that topic is side hustle. Check out the video above to see how each of these are drawn:

A few new elements to add to your visual vocabulary.

In addition to drawing new icons, I find it helpful to connect those icons to a handful of concepts, as you’ll see with the words surrounding each drawn image above.

If any of those visuals are new to you, I encourage you to practice them three or four times to start solidifying them in your muscle memory so that you can pull them out in a future sketchnoting session.

And if you’d like to dive deeper into the idea of a side hustle, maybe even using your sketchnoting skills to start one, then check out our new course Sketchnoting Side Hustle:

Learn how to start a passion project that can earn you some income.

I’ll be kicking off a series of live workshops on the topic on October 20th, 2021. Hope to see you there!

Free Sketchnoting Guide

Are you newer to sketchnoting and want to get some more practice with this skill?

Check out the free guide Getting Started with Sketchnoting:

Within that guide I share the full introduction and first 18 practice activities from The Verbal to Visual Notebook (the full notebook is included within all of our courses).

I hope you enjoy getting your feet wet.