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VTV 008 : Curt Neill – How A Tumblr Blog Became A Published Book

On this episode of The Verbal To Visual Podcast I chat with my very own brother and soon to be published author Curt Neill. We chat about how a simple Tumblr blog that he started gained traction and led to a book that’s coming out later this summer.

Notes & Links

The blog that started it all – Untitled Screenplays.

When we went on a brief tangent about Facebook and Pleasant Hill, Curt mentioned this video from 1969 showing local legend Steve Smith and others playing baseball in their high school days.

Here’s where you can pre-order This Movie Will Require Dinosaurs.

Curt starred in a short film title The Promise (NSFW – plenty of cursing here) which ended up winning some awards.

What Curt has been reading to improve his writing skills:

Where you can find Curt online:

Don’t forget to pre-order Curt’s book and check out mine as well!

BONUS! Videos from the last time Curt and I collaborated. Watch them in order. Enjoy!


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